Spike & Aliens?

This is my first fanfic of any sort. I call it Spike and Aliens? I guess it takes place when Spike first comes to Sunnydale and doesn't know much about Buffy. Here goes:

Blink, blink. Yellow and green glowed in shapeless, moving forms. Foreign sounds penetrated his ears. Turning his head, Spike tried to discern where he was. Searching, he tried to recollect his last memory. . .

Thud. The body lifelessly dropped to the ground. He looked up, face distorted, teeth ruddy with blood, triumphant. Sensing danger he melted into the shadows. He saw her walk into the clearing. She surveyed the scene, mentally noting everything that had happened.

He watched as she was knocked to the ground by Jonathan's surprise blow. Before Jonathan had the chance to seize her she struck him in the face with her boot heel. His fist shot out toward her face as she ducked. They sparred back and forth, both fighters skilled. The man with evil in his eyes, and the short blond girl with uncommon strength and a passion for her battle.

Jonathan lifted her into the air and threw her into a pile of rubble. Quickly she jumped to her feet, kicked him squarely in the chest, and sent him flying across the clearing. Jonathan, recovering, was surprised with wooden stake to the heart, fortified by a kick from Buffy's foot. The ashes fell to the ground in silence.

Spike, watching from the shadows, looked on in shock. Jonathan had bee around for centuries.

Picking up her stake, Buffy dusted the ash off her shoes nonchalantly and continued her patrol. She wasn't fazed at all by the bloodless corpse as she passed by.

As she strolled through the cemetery, looking to keep the peace, she was unaware of the creature watching her, calculating his attack. An hour had passed. She swung the stake around, twirling it like a toy. She sighed. Scanning the graveyard for anyone she might have missed, she turned and left. Spike was content with his evening's observations. If sacrificing his friend's life meant that the slayer would be eliminated, then Jonathan would not have died without a reason, he thought. Not wanting his anger to push him into a poorly planned attack, he retreated in the opposite direction of Buffy.

The next night she was there, as always, ready and willing.

Buffy turned her head. Hearing digging near the freshly covered grave, she jumped off the headstone and headed for the action. Spike, knowing what was happening, smiled. It was going perfectly. The new vampire rising would be a great distraction.

Lurching after Buffy, the vampire coated in dirt was intent on his first meal. As he lunged for her, Spike snuck around to her opposite side. Buffy easily staked the vampire. The new ones are always clumsy. She swiftly stabbed him in the chest, causing him to explode into dust. Satisfied with her execution, she smiled.

Her body slamming into that tree is almost musical, Spike thought as he watched Buffy shakily rise from the ground, unaware of what had thrown her. Spike approached her again, letting her see him. She regained her slayer confidence and prepared to attack.

He struck her with a force that knocked her to the ground again. She rolled over the ashes, grabbed the stake, and jumped to a standing position. He lunged again toward her, causing her to jump in the air and flip over him. Raising her arm to prepare the stake, Buffy stared in astonishment as Spike took on a luminescent, ethereal glow. Lights flashed and then Spike vanished. Looking for an explanation, she glanced upward and noticed the retreating lights in the sky.


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